Smoke Free Indy Releases Big Ten Bar Guide



Couldn’t get tickets to your team’s game but still want to go out and watch the game? Or are you planning on going out downtown after your team (hopefully) wins.


Did you know that each team has been “assigned” a downtown bar so you can gather to watch the game with like minded fans?


Once again, Smoke Free Indy has released a Big Ten Bar Guide to help visiting fans locate their team bar and also list the non-smoking nightlife options that Downtown Indianapolis has to offer (sadly, not many). What is ironic (or just plain unfair) that many teams which hail from non-smoking states, meaning even their bars are nonsmoking (MSU, Iowa and UM) have been assigned all smoking establishments as their home team bar.


Hopefully, O’Reilley’s, Slippery Noodle and The Pub go smokefree to¬†accommodate to what their patrons will be used to, non-smoking bars.


Download and enjoy.