Fact Sheet: Smokefree Air is Good for Business

    Smokefree air is good for business in Indiana and around the Country.

Fact Sheet: Immediate Benefits of Smokefree Air

    Exposure to secondhand smoke for just 30 minutes can rapidly increase a person’s risk for heart attack. Smoke causes bloodvessels to constrict and reduces the amount of oxygen that can be transported in the blood. (Centers for Disease … Continue reading »

Fact Sheet: Common Arguments

    Common arguments againststatewide smokefree air legislation — and how to respond to them.

Gaming Employees Have the Right to Breathe Smokefree Air

Casino Employees Receive Millions for Secondhand Smoke Exposure In December 2010, Tropicana Casino and resort paid $4.5 million in damages to Vince Rennich to settle a lawsuit over second hand smoke. Rennich, a lifetime non-smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer … Continue reading »

Make Indiana Smokefree

Secondhand smoke kills approximately 50,000 nonsmokers each year, including more than 1,200 adult nonsmokers in Indiana. That’s nearly twice as many deaths as are caused each year in Indiana as a result of impaired driving.